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Our website is an extension and reflection of what Artisan is as a company. We began on Canyon Road in Santa Fe in 1975. The current four owners all began as retail clerks and  have worked together for over 20 years. We have two retail stores in Santa Fe and Albuquerque that have employees who are mostly artists dedicated to their art and helping you with yours. Our website is competitively priced with other internet art material sites from much larger companies. Please visit our stores in Santa Fe or Albuquerque, call or click, and allow us an opportunity to earn your business.

Online Shopping

Prices so low, they’re available online only. Our online store is also just a button away (red links on right). Please note that, like most online stores, Artisan online pricing is different than in-store pricing. Online you do all the work and the order is filled, so prices are less than in-store.  All purchases are shipped to you directly.

Kicking the SHIP out of the Internet!

Join us in kicking the SHIP out the internet! Now you can skip the shipping costs when you order online and choose to pick it up at our Santa Fe store! Email Jeff to get Kick-Started!

Budding Artist Update

Artisan’s 2014 Budding Artist Fellowship!

Registration Opens:  April 1, 2014
Registration Closes:  May 15, 2014

Get the Scoop HERE:

Cool Item of the Month

Fluid Watercolor Paper Blocks
by Global Art!

Crafted in a European mill that has been making fine art papers since 1618, these watercolor paper blocks are made with papermaking machines that are able to operate at very slow speeds, creating a sheet that shares the strength and quality characteristics of more expensive mold made papers. Each block contains 15 sheets of 140 lb. watercolor paper bound on two edges (EASY-BLOCK ), offering the benefit of both a pad and a block and allowing for easy movement from one sheet to the next. Available in cold press and hot press surface.

Available at both the Santa Fe and Albuquerque stores.



Artisan Employee’s Art Gallery

We have such a creative group of employees and are very proud of them and their artwork. Check out the Artisan Employee’s Art Gallery homepage and let us know what you think.

Artist of the Month

Meet Bill Gallen.
Growing up along the shores of Lake Michigan and wandering the woods and fields of his native Wisconsin gave Bill Gallen an early appreciation for the wonders of the natural world.

To see our past featured artists, go to Past Featured Artists

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